IOMAX defines system integration as the design and development of precision-guided weapons and the integration and testing of new and existing weapons for fixed and rotary wing aircraft, ground and naval platforms. This includes all facets of integration: platform mechanical systems, electrical systems, navigation systems, guidance systems and control systems. IOMAX works with other key suppliers to integrate state-of-the-art equipment/weapons onto airborne, ground and naval platforms.

  • Design and develop precision-guided, air-to-ground and surface-to-surface weapon systems.
  • Overall design, development, analysis, and integration of weapon system
  • Works with customers and subcontractors to integrate other precision guided weapons onto IOMAX aircraft, ground and naval platforms
  • Ensures the weapon system meets the defined requirements
  • Prepares and presents technical briefings to customers.
  • Work with key business partners in the design, development and integration of new weapon systems