IOMAX offers a wide range of support and transition services. These include facilities set-up and management, integrated trained personnel, field service representatives, and full transition support.


IOMAX understands that logistical provisions support is essential in maintaining aircraft airworthiness and mission readiness. The IOMAX Proposed Provisions Listings provide a basic load of integrated systems, spare components and aircraft-specific parts with one goal in mind: to maintain operational readiness in support of a rapid mission operational tempo. All spare components are packaged for extended shelf life and can be assembled and transported to support multiple base sites or deployment requirements.

With IOMAX’s extensive background in worldwide logistics, flight operations and RF sensor systems, we are well postured to offer this capability to a broad range of customers.


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IOMAX acknowledges the global requirement for highly-competent and skilled aircraft maintenance and support personnel to support its customer’s aircraft fleet-intended mission. Our Team possesses diversified skill sets that augment our customer’s maintenance efforts for any desired period of performance.



Maintenance Support Services Team

  • Electronics
  • Avionics
  • Communications
  • Airframe
  • Engine
  • Logistics
  • Ordnance Handling

IOMAX offers two levels of aircraft maintenance depending on customer requirements:

Organizational (O) Level


  • Provides a rapid turnaround of aircraft.
  • Limited to minor repairs, routine services, lubricating, and cleaning.
  • Specific or modified maintenance requiring small teams, such as daily servicing, special inspections, and minor structural aircraft repairs are customizable to meet a customer’s needs.

Intermediate (I) Level


  • Routinely labor-intensive maintenance efforts.
  • Require a greater degree of support personnel and test equipment.
  • Services offered include major component overhaul, major inspections, engine replacement, major airframe structural repairs, and modifications required by an Original Equipment Manufacturer or as requested by the customer.
The IOMAX Field Service Representatives provide follow-on host country technical assistance for the host nation once the main support element has departed and provides the host nation maintainers with any and all support required to maintain mission ready. They also provide specific component repair and troubleshooting assistance on IOMAX integrated systems.
The IOMAX aircraft maintenance personnel team consists of a Site Manager and a Lead Maintenance Technician supported by maintenance personnel to include: Quality Control (QC) Technician, Maintenance Test Pilot (MTP), Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) mechanics, Avionics Technician and Logistics personnel.
The proposed IOMAX Technical Support team will consist of the following:

  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Field Service Representatives