IOMAX leverages existing relationships with vendors to assist any program in completing logistical requirements. We use risk mitigation, expense reduction, and supply chain control model to make your logistics operations run efficiently.

Integrated Aircraft

IOMAX has a very strong lineage of general and military aviation. IOMAX leadership and several key operational personnel have forged their respective careers in the aviation integration, aviation operations and aviation maintenance support businesses. It is from this collective experience and continued involvement that IOMAX is able to draw upon these proficiencies to leverage unique and customized solutions to meet the myriad aviation needs of its customers. IOMAX prides itself on working closely with each client to clearly understand their present and future aircraft program requirements; ensuring the development of a customized fixed and rotary wing aircraft program solution featuring the most robust technical solutions available, unparalleled support infrastructure implemented via recognized and proven programmatic methods, with strict adherence to export compliance regulations and requirements.

ISR Platforms

In the evolving and dynamic geopolitical environments of today, IOMAX can help its customer navigate export compliance regulations and requirements to develop a phased approach for a fixed and rotary wing aircraft platform that in most cases can incrementally and quickly address mission sets and challenges facing the customer such as border patrol and border surveillance, infrastructure protection, wildfire spotting, etc.

IOMAX has extensive experience fully integrating various sophisticated sensors and special mission equipment on fixed and rotary wing platforms to include:

  • Turreted Electro Optical /Infra-Red (EO/IR) systems
  • EO/IR Displays (in front and rear cockpits)
  • Digital Data Recorders
  • Digital Mapping Systems
  • OTH SATCOM Links / Voice & Data Communications (BMS)
  • Signals Packages
Integrated Weapons
In the evolving and dynamic geopolitical environments of today, IOMAX can help its customer navigate export compliance regulations and requirements to develop a phased approach for a fixed-wing aircraft platform program that in most cases can incrementally address ISR and armed-platform mission sets.

IOMAX has successfully demonstrated its expertise in overall design, development, analysis and integration of several weapons systems for its customers. IOMAX works closely with customers and subcontractors, in concert with compliance and export entities, to fully integrate precision guided weapons onto customer platforms.

IOMAX has extensive experience fully integrating various fire control and weapon systems on fixed-wing platforms, such as:

  • Armament Control Systems
  • Targeting Systems
  • Hellfire AGM-114 Missiles
  • GBU-58 Paveway II Laser Guided Bombs
  • GBU-12 Paveway II Laser Guided Bombs
  • CIRIT Laser Guided Missiles


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Establish Operations Infrastructure
IOMAX can create an Aircraft Facilities Design based on our customer’s need to conduct maintenance on aircraft. The purpose of aviation facilities design is to maintain aircraft in a high state of readiness for training exercises, natural disaster relief and, Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) missions. These facilities are also capable of being used for flight operations as well as for proficiency training of aviators, crew members and flight safety professionals.

Office environment

  • Administrative and training areas
  • Staff support areas

Shops & Support

  • Allied shops (conditioned and non-conditioned)
  • Maintenance support areas
  • Unheated equipment storage

Aircraft Hangars

  • Maintenance work bays
  • Unheated aircraft storage
Initiate Supply Chain

IOMAX seeks to establish fully integrated maintenance and logistical support for its customers with the goal of streamlining operations and redundancy to reduce customer life-cycle costs for the Archangel.

At the customer’s request, IOMAX can seamlessly integrate into existing operational environments to evolve maintenance and logistical support for Archangel Aircraft.

Maintenance planning begins early in the acquisition process with development of the maintenance concept.

It is conducted to evolve and establish requirements and tasks to be accomplished for achieving, restoring, and maintaining the operational capability for the life of the system.

Maintenance planning will:

  • Define the actions and support necessary to ensure that the system attains the specified system readiness objectives with minimum Life Cycle cost.
  • Set up specific criteria for repair, including reliability, and maintainability; support equipment requirements; automatic test equipment; and manpower skills and facility requirements.
  • State specific maintenance tasks, to be performed on the system.
  • Define actions and support required for fielding and marketing the system.
  • Address warranty considerations.
  • Ensure prudent use of manpower and resources. When formulating the maintenance concept, analysis of the proposed work environment on the health and safety of maintenance personnel must be considered.

Logistical support includes planning and programming the details associated with movement of the system in its shipping configuration to the ultimate destination via transportation modes and networks available and authorized for use. Customs requirements, air shipping requirements, rail shipping requirements, container considerations, special movement precautions, mobility, and transportation asset impact of the shipping mode or the contract shipper must be carefully assessed.

Logistical support encompasses all management actions, procedures, and techniques used to determine requirements to:

  • Acquire support items and spare parts.
  • Transport the items.
  • Catalog the items.
  • Receive the items.
  • Store and warehouse the items.
  • Transfer the items to where they are needed.
  • Issue the items.
  • Dispose of secondary items.
  • Provide for initial support of the system.
  • Acquire, distribute, and replenish inventory.

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