IOMAX employs a successful fixed or scalable phased program approach that provides customers with state-of-the-art mission solutions. The primary purpose for the equip phase is to establish base operations, receive tools, spare parts, and ground support equipment necessary to maintain and sustain operations of the aircraft. The support phase consists of on the job training from field representatives covering all areas of maintenance, logistics and fixed based operations in support of the Archangel. Additionally, all support can continue post-transition to the customer upon request.


Phase 1

IOMAX leverages existing relationships with vendors to assist parallel programs to ensure all logistical requirements are met.

Phase 2

IOMAX respects the challenges associated with training development and successful execution of training programs. Both events must demonstrate immediate, effective and quantifiable results from the customer.

Phase 3

IOMAX understands that logistical provisions support is essential in maintaining aircraft operational readiness and utility.