Headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, IOMAX USA is a global provider of aerospace, surveillance and weapons system design, manufacturing and integration. IOMAX delivers affordable, weaponized aircraft and related systems that are specially designed to meet today’s security challenges.

Over the past eight years, IOMAX has delivered 48 Border Patrol and Archangel aircraft and a Level-6 simulator, along with associated equipment, training, and post-delivery support, to the air forces of the United States and multiple US allies. During this time, IOMAX conducted over 150 training programs that taught over 700 customer personnel how to operate and maintain these aircraft, and provided over 200,000 hours of field service support.

IOMAX aircraft have flown over 4,500 combat sorties, guiding over 3,000 Paveway II bombs, 200 70mm rockets, and 100 Hellfire missiles toward terrorist targets throughout the Middle East and North Africa, while maintaining an operational readiness rate exceeding 90%.

IOMAX aircraft are rugged, swiftly deployable by C-17 and other medium-to-large military cargo planes, easy to maintain, readily operate from dirt strips, and are capable of carrying more payload weight and remaining longer on station than any aircraft in its class. An ISR/Strike package using IOMAX aircraft provides 24-hour coverage at a cost of less than $28,000 per day, which is far less expensive than any other manned or unmanned alternative.


IOMAX is an experienced and ethical global solutions provider, having secured over 130 active export authorizations, encompassing over $1 billion in export approvals, supported by over 300 export licenses from the US Departments of State and Commerce, with a track record of zero export violations or fines.

Founded in 2001, IOMAX initially designed and fielded highly sophisticated wireless technology and advanced engineering techniques for the US Department of Defense, various intelligence agencies, and the Drug Enforcement Administration. In 2009, in response to expanding needs to combat the spread of terrorism, IOMAX transitioned into a full-service designer and manufacturer of long endurance, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft with precision strike capability.

IOMAX team members are comprised of top tier professionals from the finest global aerospace companies, and many have significant military and special operations experience. IOMAX’s intellectual property includes 67 proprietary designs focused on superior weapons integration and enhanced precision strike capabilities.

IOMAX leads by example. We earn client trust by maintaining high standards for ourselves and for our customer services through transparency and moral accountability. IOMAX places high value on innovation, simplicity, and combat readiness. We continuously challenge our team members to develop creative products, deliver high-quality service and thoroughly solve the unique challenges facing our customers in the worldwide war on terror.



IOMAX has been in business
for over a decade



Combining U.S. Military, Civil, and Special Operations experience



Our headquarters is in Mooresville, North Carolina, USA



Proudly serving customers across the world

  • Aircraft Design
  • Weapons Systems Design and Integration
  • Specialty Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Maintenance Support for Aircraft Electronics
  • Avionics and Communications Systems
  • Flight Training
  • Maintenance Training
  • Interactive Computer Based Training
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Worldwide Logistics
Our Vision

We will be recognized and respected by U.S. and foreign government agencies as a reliable supplier of innovative solutions that address extremely challenging security issues.


Enhance global security by providing state of the art technology and systems integration solutions for U.S. and approved foreign governments.



At IOMAX, our Values are the cornerstone for what we believe.



We strive to uphold these Values each and every day.

Develop and deliver creative products and services for our customers.

Delivering quality results to both our internal and external customers on time, every time.

Based on respect for and loyalty to our fellow employees and business partners.

Solidly founded in honesty and trust.

Coming Soon IOMAX's Border Patrol Aircraft Block 4 Update


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