The Archangel can be configured during production to ensure a client’s requirements are fully addressed.  Variations include EO/IR targeting with the WESCAM MX-15 (with or without LD); armament control and stores management; UHF/VHF/FM and SATCOM communications; full motion video; aerodynamic Pod and pylons.

WESCAM High Definition MX-15 Imaging Sensor

Airborne Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Because today’s mission requirements demand identification and designation from longer standoff ranges and higher altitudes, IOMAX has integrated EO/IR sensors onto the Archangel. The sensor optics and system stabilization provide high quality imagery to both the pilot and WSO. The Archangel’s employment of the WESCAM High Definition MX-15 offers our customers a multi-sensor, multi-spectral system that has worldwide logistics and maintenance support.

Airborne Targeting

With long endurance, heavy weapon load-out and precision strike ability, Archangel’s targeting capability further enables mission commanders ability to control and influence the battlefield 24/7. Field proven, with extensive deployment, the MX-15 EO/IR system provides high-sensitivity multi-spectral sensors for day, low-light and night missions. The diode-pumped laser target designator has proven to provide high reliability operation in severe thermal environments. The MX-15 system provides precise GEO-Pointing for hands-free operation regardless of aircraft movement or obstructions. Integrated with the Archangel armament control system, the MX-15 provides robust and precise fire control capability.

View WESCAM MX-15 Features & Benefits

True HD Cameras

  • Superior imaging resolution from EO and IR cameras
  • 2 mega-pixel EO zoom and spotter cameras
  • True HD Digital Imaging (No image degradation due to compression)

Image Blending

  • Multi-spectral imaging blends matched images from multiple sensors – uncovering greater detail in each frame
  • Reduces operator burden and improves surveillance efficiency

Enhanced Local Area Processing: (ELAP):

  • Real-time image enhancement for EO Day, EO Night & IR enhances contrast
  • Increases stand-off range
  • Improves feature detection & recognition
  • High performance haze penetration
  • Provides up to 4x electronic zoom

Solid-State IMU-Inside Technology

  • All sensors share highest level of stabilization
  • No calibration required for LRU swapout
  • Auto align to aircraft


  • Meets the needs of new & legacy platforms through multiple Digital & Analog output formats
  • Simultaneous digital & analog outputs

Integrated Electronics

  • Installed weight reduced by up to 50lbs/22kg
  • Eliminates 1 LRU
  • Reduced install and support costs

Lowlight Spotter TV and Laser Illuminator

  • 24/7 EO Imaging
  • Long-range subject ID (ship names, vehicles, faces) in very low-light conditions
  • 2-3x superior resolution over IR & I2 technology
  • Available Spotter or Zoom Lens
  • Spotter focal length increased 50% for improved range performance
  • Improved visibility through haze, fog & other environmental obstacles

Multiple Laser Payloads

  • Long Range Target Illumination, Laser Pointing and Range-Finding

MX-GEO Gen.3 Software Suite

  • Achieves highest target location accuracy
  • AVGT marries Video and GEO-Tracking to provide robust target tracking

MX-Series Commonality

  • Common operator interfaces and hand controllers (HCL’s)
  • Ease & familiarity of use
  • Simplified interchangeability
  • Efficiencies in support & technology enhancements


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Flight Proven IOMAX Flexible Pod

An IOMAX custom-designed solution for the Archangel aircraft this aerodynamic centerline pod was developed as an integrated Recce/Strike/Data Link aircraft store that can also be configured to include missile and radar warning and countermeasures. Attached to a pylon on the fuselage centerline, the pod allows the EO/IR/LRF/LD turret to rotate forward and down to provide maximum field of view without regard to the propeller or aircraft structure line-of-sight interference. The turret has self-contained GPS-aided inertial navigation so that it can provide pointing for target tracking and geo-location functions. Mission Computer processing permits armament control data to be overlaid on the sensor imagery data on both a rear seat primary display and a front seat repeater display. The sensor can be automatically stowed for taxi, take off, and landing.



EO/IR/LRF/LDISR and Targeting


Full video Data Link


Common Missile Warning System + CM


Radar Warning Receiver + CM




Weapon Data Link


A-A UAV Command & Control


Mission Systems
Archangel’s extensive mission capabilities are the result of its integrated, state-of-the-art avionics, and communications systems, making it the multi-role, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and patrol aircraft of choice. The front and rear cockpit crew stations are outfitted with digital instrumentation for flight management, voice and data communication, flight control, payload management and engine management. The platform is configured with digital avionics, communications, and special mission equipment to include an electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) sensor and data links to support border patrol and other surveillance missions. Learn more .

Coming Soon IOMAX's Border Patrol Aircraft Block 4 Update


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