The Archangel has fully integrated night vision capable front and rear glass cockpits. The aircraft features easy access for maintenance in the field or fixed base operations. The Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67F engine powers the MTV-27 MT Propeller 5-Blade propeller allowing for shorter take-off distances, reduced audible signature, increased rate of climb and cruise speed, and overall smoother operations. With a large wing area designed for heavy payload capacity, Archangel has a fixed reinforced landing gear for hard-landing survivability on rough field operations. Featuring unmatched operational flexibility, the multi-mission Archangel can operate up to 25,000 feet (with oxygen), and has 4,800 lb (2177 kg) external stores payload capacity.

1. MTV-27 MT Propeller

  • Shorter take-off distance
  • Reduced audible signature
  • Reduced tip erosion
  • Increased rate of climb
  • Increased cruise speed
  • Smoother operation

2. Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67F Engine

  • Thermodynamic Power Class (ESHP) – 1400 to 1900
  • Mechanical Power Class (SHP) – 700 to 1700
  • Propeller Speed (Max RPM) – 1700 – 2000

3. Fuselage Auxiliary Fuel Tank

  • Holds 500 gallons of useable fuel
  • Intuitive Fuel Management System

4. Avionics Bay

  • Easy access for maintainers
  • Houses avionics gear
  • Space for avionics options

5. Dual Cockpit

  • Glass Cockpit
  • Front Pilot/Rear WSO Tandem Seating
  • Human Factors Designed
  • Night Vision Capable
  • Demand Flow Oxygen System Ready
  • Intuitive Instrumentation
  • AMSAFE Seat Belt / Airbags

6. Tactical LOS VHF/UHF Comms

  • Military – Secure/Nonsecure
  • Commercial

7. Strike Mission Capable Cockpit

  • Pilot Armament Control
  • WSO Target Selection/Tracking/Designation/Situational Awareness

8. Wing Area and Main Fuel Tanks

  • Large area designed for heavy payload capacity
  • Total wing fuel is 228 gallons

9. Threat Warning Systems

  • UV Missile Warning System
  • Radar Warning Receiver
  • Countermeasure – Flare and Chaff

10. Fixed Landing Gear

  • Designed for rough field operation
  • Ruggedized
  • Low Maintenance
  • Spring Reinforced for Hard Landing Survivability

11. Surveillance Capability

  • Gimbaled and Stabilized EO/IR Sensor with Laser Range Finder and Illuminator
  • Pod or Fuselage Mounted
  • Integrated LOS Full Motion Video Data Link

12. Targeting Capability

  • Gimbaled and Stabilized EO/IR/LRF/LI with Laser Designation
  • Pod or Fuselage Mounted
  • Integrated LOS Full Motion Video Data Link
  • Weapon Armament System
Exterior Options

Archangel can be equipped with a range of exterior options that include aircraft protection, weather hazards, and sophisticated communications and sensors packages. See the sample images below to better understand possible variations and how the Archangel can serve you. View options .

  • Electronic Warfare Management System
  • Armor Cockpit & Engine Protection
  • Self Sealing Fuel Tanks (Wings and Main)